150 Hens Rescued

We have carried out a rescue in the past few days and have 150 hens to rehome. These hens are rescued barn hens approximately 18 months old, we have rescued 150 out of 20,000 going for slaughter from a farm in Surrey, they had reached the end of their “commercial life”. Sadly we could not rescue them all, but 150 lucky girls will have a new life as beloved pets.

Rescued hens do recover and can go on to live very happy and healthy lives. If you would like hens and can offer a permanent, life long home as pets, please let us know.
We are rehoming from this Saturday 2 April. You will need to make an appointment to collect and it will be first come first served as we need to rehome as many as we can, due to the extra burden on the charity’s finances.
If you would like hens, please email at [email protected] with the following;
  • Confirm how many hens you would like.
  • Send clear photos of your set up, we need to be comfortable that you have a large enough fox proof run and chicken coup.
  • A time when you would like to collect this coming Saturday.
  • Let us know if you have had or have hens, therefore do you need some advice which we are happy to give?
Please note that the charity requires a donation of £4 per hen to help cover our rescue costs, you will need to agree an appointment and bring pet carriers with you.

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