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Harley Single Male – Rehomed 31st August

30 Aug 2010

Harley is a beautiful little fella who has recently found a great home.  We bonded him here with a female we had called Bramble and they absolutely adored each other. He has gone to live with a real family of bunny lovers.

Katy Rehomed July 10

27 Jul 2010

Age : 1-2 years Breed : Lionhead Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: No Rescued: July 09 Katy is a lovely rabbit, used and abused by a breeder. Katy likes a good fuss and in time would get used to being handled.  Katy likes her hutch and bed to be just so – she gets very disgruntled by anyone […]

Dartmoor Hill Ponies Appeal – 4 Rescued

25 May 2010

On Wednesday we rescued 4 dartmoor ponies, these ponies have been rounded up off the moor and were destined for slaughter. Of the 150 destined for pet food, 42 have been rescued by people and animal sanctuaries around the country.

Leo Rehomed 24 March 2010

24 Mar 2010

Age : Approx 1-2years  Breed : Lionhead  Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: Yes Rescued: July 09 Leo is a real sweetie. He has a lovely mane of hair melts into the floor when stroked. He is slightly jumpy about being handled but with a new home and someone to care for him as well as a little bunny […]

Motsy Rehomed 9th Jan 10

09 Jan 2010

Motsy was found wandering around a local country park all on her own.  The poor girl may have been turfed out or may of just gone wandering. Motsy found the best home ever with lots of room and 2 neutered male companions.  She was a bit aggressive and liked to box peoples hands but we […]

Give a bunny a home

20 Dec 2009

Unfortunately at this time of year rabbits and pets get such a raw deal.  Many people simply want to get rid of their childrens animals just before Christmas to make way for the new toys.

Huge thank you!

17 Dec 2009

We just want to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone that helped out and supported our first open day on Sunday. We are so, so grateful to so many people.  We raised nearly £2,000 with more money still being pledged which is more than we ever hope for.

Another hen rescue

11 Oct 2009

We have waited a long time to do another hen rescue but this weekend we have secured a retirement for 80 ex bats. have now collected the ladies and hope to get them into their new homes as soon as possible.  We will be ringing people that are currently on our waiting list for hens.