Give a bunny a home

Unfortunately, at this time of year rabbits and pets get such a raw deal.  Many people simply want to get rid of their childrens animals just before Christmas to make way for the new toys.

 The animals that were impulsively bought during the lovely Summer months on a whim at a newly opened pet superstore not far from here are simply cast out as the boredom of owning an animal sets in.  With the cold weather and defrosting of water bottles many pet owners can’t be bothered with the unloved rabbit at the bottom of the garden kept in the 2ft hutch on its own. It makes our blood boil but as ever we are taking in a lot of rabbits at the moment.  If you can give a loving home to a rabbit then please, please DO NOT go to the large green and yellow pet supermarket and buy a baby bunny.  Come to a rescue centre where you will be able to adopt a neutered, vaccinated bunny whose temperament and health has been assessed, a bunny that is in desperate need of a new home.  We are a rescue centre whose main aim IS NOT PROFIT and MONEY but ANIMAL WELFARE and REHOMING ANIMALS.  We do carry out home checks for all of our animals and we use the opportunity to offer advice on rabbit keeping and diet as well as health issues and bonding rabbits.  We are currently vaccinating, neutering and assessing a lot of bunnies which all takes a huge amount of time.  We also have bunnies waiting to come in.

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