Meet Harry

As we were moving Matilda and her family to Surge Sanctuary, the space created was soon filled, we had another planned pig rescue taking place, Harry was on his way to fill the space created.Meet Harry, he is another very, very lucky boy. Harry was abandoned by a farmer who had taken animals of value to him as he moved, but had abandoned a pig we have now called Harry, an approximately 3 year old entire boar. He had been abandoned, left to scrounge and forage for his own food. Thankfully a worker at a local business had been providing Harry with some food, but he had otherwise been neglected for around 2 years, fending for himself.Little pigs at home first heard about his situation and were determined to save him, to find him a good home where he could be cared for. We heard about his story and offered him a home, once space was available. The amazing team Little pigs at home arranged and carried out the rescue and did an incredible 700 miles round trip in their free time! We’ll keep you posted on Harry as he settles in, he’ll be receiving a visit from the vets this week.Please visit Little pigs at home at home and support them, they are a small rescue with big ambitions, as we know from experience, gaining support is essential to the success in the combined objective of saving animals from cruelty and neglect.

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