Thinking of Getting A Pig?

Pigs do make amazing pets, they are highly intelligent, sociable and very clean, they are relatively easy to care for, provided that you have done your research and can provide for their specific needs. Sadly too many people buy pigs from breeders without doing their research and soon realise they can’t cope or give the pigs a good home, that’s when we cane the call.

We turn pigs away far too often, we are always full and can therefore only take in animals as we create space by rehoming the ones we have. In 2018 we rehomed only 7 pig and sadly turned away 125.

Do your research and if pigs are for you and you can provide for their needs, you’ll love them.

Pigs Need

Very strong fencing – even small pigs easily smash their way through normal garden fencing. We recommend post and netting. The fencing doesn’t need to be too high, but certainly strong. Electric fencing is no good, pigs are far too intelligent and will soon get through it.

Sufficient Space –  They are very intelligent animals and need a large area to roam around and receive stimulation. If they are confined to a small area, they will get bored and can become destructive and even aggressive. A pair of pigs would need at minimum a 10m x 10m area.

Companionship –  Pigs are highly sociable creatures, they must never be kept on their own, they must be in groups of 2 or more.

Castrate – Boars must be castrated as soon as they are old enough, not only does this prevent more unwanted pigs in this world, it should prevent the males from become aggressive to you and other pigs.

Diet –  A good diet includes pet pig food such as Allen & Page, they also love fruit and vegetables including bananas, apples and most kinds of fruit & veg. Never give your pig cheaper commercial pig food, ensure its for pet pigs. Commercial food is designed to fatten up pigs fast to be killed for meat, you do not want you pet to become obese.

Shelter – Your piggy need cover such as a pig arc and provided with clean straw bedding, they need to get out of rain, wind and direct sunshine.

Indoor Pigs? –  Pigs can be come indoors and can be even be house training, however they need lots of space and should therefore live outdoors in large areas. If they are confined to an indoor area, prepare to have your house destroyed. Pigs can be quite destructive, they will soon turn a lawn into a mud bath, they can rip up carpets and even pull doors off kitchen cupboards to get to food.

Pigs Available For Adoption

The Three Sisters

Blanch, Sophia and Dorothy

Trudy Trotters & Bobby

Trudy was a stray pig so we don’t know much of her history. She is though quite young and a very friendly girls who loves fuss and attention.

Matilda & Gertrude

Matilda (the spotted) and Gertrude are two Kune Kune sows. Unwanted, they have been here since 2013. These two gentle girls love to snooze all day and will come out to say hello to you. Matilda is the leader whereas Gertrude tends to hang back a little. They are looking for a forever home together.

Buddy & Jet


Jet is a female came to us in July 2019, she is around 8 years old. They came from a  local school who could no longer look after them.

Buddy a large male on the right, he can be a little shy, so we are working on him.


Holly is a large female commercial pig who we rescue 5 years ago from a piglet.


Adoption Process

Don’t worry if you have had pigs for years or never had one ever, we will always offer impartial advice, we don’t want you to be one of those who take on pigs without knowing what you getting yourself in for.

1 – We welcome you to contact us and have a chat, meet the pigs and think about it. We’ll talk to you about pig keeping, especially if its all new to you, we’ll offer advice.

2 – Once your ready, if you like some pigs we have we’ll reserve them for you.

3- We will carry out a home check, we need to be sure you have everything in place to provide for them, that the area is large enough, you have shelter and your fencing is strong and secure.

4- We’ll bring the piggies to you.

We ask for a minimum donation of £60 per pig to help with housing and castration costs.

You can make an appointment to see our pigs. Please note we are not open to the general public and you will need to make a appointment.

2)  We will need to see photographic evidence of your set up before arrangement of re-homing. We can discuss with you any questions you have on the personality of the animals, set up concerns or moving concerns.

3) Once we have agreed that you are suitable we will then bring the animal to you and conduct a home check.

For further information regarding the adoption of a animal please click here to read our policy.

Calling us at 01773 712 999, sending us a email at [email protected]

Or contacting us through Facebook at