Mission Statement

Brinsley Animal Rescue’s mission is to relieve the suffering of all animals. We are a charity dedicated to rescuing, treating, rehabilitating and caring for all animals and to training and educating people on the welfare of animals.

We rescue wildlife, pets and farm animals from injury, sickness, abandonment, cruelty, hardship and neglect.

We ensure that animals that come into our care live out their natural lives in the optimum physical and psychological comfort.

Our aim is to ensure that animals are assessed and treated, that healthy wild animals are released back into the wild, into a safe environment and that pets and farm animals are homed into life-long loving homes wherever possible, but always overseeing their care.

Where we cannot rehome animals the Charity will provide sanctuary and care throughout their natural life. We never destroy an animal except when it is in the animals’ best interest.

Our Policies

Animal Policies

  • Admission of Wild Animals
  • Treatment & Care of Wild Animals
  • Admission of Pets & Farm Animals
  • Rehoming of Pets & Farm Animals
  • Treatment & Care of Pet & Farm Animals
  • Euthanasia Policy
  • Neutering Policy

HSE Policies


  • Insurance Policy
  • Expense Policy
  • Finance Policy
  • Management of Vehicles
  • Privacy Policy