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11 Aug 2021

We always have lots of ducks in of varicose breeds. Please note that we only rehome one female to every male. Phone: 01773 712 999 Adoption fee £5 per duck Email: We are also on facebook. If you think you can offer any of our ducks a life-long home then please contact us using […]

Sheep Rescue

13 Jul 2021

During the weekend when we have time off from our full time jobs, we are crazily busy rescuing animals, this weekend was no different.In between taking Matilda and her babies to their new home and taking in Harry another rescued farm pig, we squeezed in a two-hour round trip to home these lonely sheep. This […]

Meet Harry

11 Jul 2021

As we were moving Matilda and her family to Surge Sanctuary, the space created was soon filled, we had another planned pig rescue taking place, Harry was on his way to fill the space created.Meet Harry, he is another very, very lucky boy. Harry was abandoned by a farmer who had taken animals of value […]

Pygmy Goats

08 Jul 2021

We have recently collected three pygmy goats from a home in Wales, the person surrendering them planned to breed them, thankfully they had a change of heart and decided not to add to the growing number of unwanted animals, they chose to hand them into our care.The two three year old girls are having great […]

Greylag Goose Release

03 Jul 2021

We took this greylag in a few weeks ago, today he was released back into the wild where he came from.He was admitted as he had poor use of one leg, he could hardly walk. X-rays revealed an old injury to the good leg, a shotgun pellet embedded in the leg and an old bone […]

Sparrow Hawk

01 Jul 2021

This young sparrowhawk was found out in the open, on his own and so he was brought to us. We are quite alien to him and so initially he would not take food from us, as he would his parents. So for the first few days we have to force feed. Thankfully now he is […]


30 Jun 2021

This young Wood Pigeon was been admitted with a huge air pocket, larger than any we have seen.This can often be caused by the rupture of one or more of their internal air sacks, used for breathing. In this case the air pocket was so large, the pressure was affecting his breathing and preventing him […]

Tawny Owl Release

20 Jun 2021

This Tawny Owl has this week been successfully released back into the wild, we now have another Tawny Owl and Kestrel being prepared for soft release.This Tawny was the victim of a road traffic accident, he had been hit by a car and grounded. An X-Ray reveled that he’d received a broken wing however we […]