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Fox Cubs

The so-called “silly season” has arrived in anger, it’s that time of year when we receive a deluge of calls to help baby wildlife, as well as several baby birds in our care being hand reared, we have baby hedgehogs, ducklings and now this pair!

These fox cubs were admitted after their den was disturbed by human activity and the mother left, we would normally advise that the cubs should be left alone, even if the den is destroyed, foxes make good mothers and will come back for their babies at dusk. Unfortunately in this case this was not possible.

They are now receiving regular feeds day and night, taking in wildlife is a huge commitment, these cubs will be with us now until the Autumn.

If you find wildlife that you fear needs rescuing, we strongly advise that you first seek advice before intervening, often human

intervention is not required, also many volunteer rescue centres like ourselves have to prioritise what we take in due to our available capacity.

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