Animal Hospital Fund Raising

We are now raising funds to build a new dedicated facility for the care of sick and injured small animals. This ambitious project will provide the means to provide specialist care for animals in acute conditions, as well quarantine incoming animals for the protection of resident animals.

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Barn Owl RTA

21 Sep 2022

This handsome barn owl came to us a few weeks ago after being involved in a car collision. When we saw that one of the legs was broken we feared the worst as he had no feeling in the leg, but, after we had X-rays carried out and after much discussion with our amazing vet […]

Tawny Owl

31 Aug 2022

Today we have taken on another bird of prey, we now have 3 tawny owls, a barn owl, a buzzard and a kestrel currently in our care. This chap was found on an A road, a member of the public thankfully stopped and manged to catch him and bring to us. There are no obvious […]

Tawny Owl

24 Aug 2022

We have admitted yet another patient injured by fishing line, this time a tawny owl. On admission he was a very sorry state, a very bedraggled lifeless owl. We carefully cut away and entangled the line, ensuring we removed it all without causing him injury. The line was wrapped around his body and a wing, […]

Swan Rescue

10 Aug 2022

An elderly cob has just been admitted, brought to us by the RSPCA (England & Wales), he’s weak and a little subdued. Thankfully he started eating and drinking rehydration fluid, a good sign, fingers crossed.

Tawny Owl

09 Aug 2022

A Tawny owl chick we took in a few weeks ago has been successfully reared and now released. Once feeding himself, he was moved to an aviary in preparation for final release. We open the door but continue to leave food our for him until he stopped returning and found his own feet.

Disabled Lamb

05 May 2022

Meet little Clover, one of several animals admitted last weekend.Clover is less than 3 weeks old, shortly after birth she could not walk, we have very limited history as to what has caused the issue. She has been assessed by our farm vets and is now, as well as being bottle fed regularly, she is […]

Swan Rescue

08 Jan 2022

This swans injuries look pretty severe, however although there has been a lot of blood loss, we are confident of a full recovery.He arrived Friday night after being found at the side of the road, whilst we were getting ready to go and collect, the Police thankfully brought him to us, not their usual Friday […]

Badger Released

06 Jan 2022

The badger we took in via Mid Derbyshire Badger Group has been successfully released back to where he was found. As they are nocturnal, its important that this is done at nighttime whilst they are active.