Jerry Meets his New Girlfriend

We rescued Jerry 5 years ago when he was destined for slaughter and his market value was £5. Yes, £5. The whole country is awash with unwanted ponies and since then things have got worse, a lot worse. The lucky ones end up at rescue centres where lots of time is spent working and interacting with them, teaching them things and helping them to trust humans.

Jerry found a home 3 years ago but sadly came back to us last year. Since then he has been looking for a new home. A few weeks ago a lovely group of people came to spend some time with him and found Jerry, the gentle soul just the kind of pony they were looking for. Yesterday we took him to his new home in Cambridge and he will now be part of a great programme at the Cambridge Equine Assisted Learning Centre. http://www.cambridgeeal.co.uk/home.html When we took him to his new home he met his new friend Mary (another Dartmoor Hill pony) and had a good roll after his long journey. I think Jerry knew it was all worth it!




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