About Smartie

Past History

Smartie didn’t have a good start in life. Rescued from a life of abuse with his friend Billy. Smartie arrived at the centre in 2011. Since he has known abuse in his past, sadly he has shown fear to humans, taking a lot of time to get to trust indivduals.


Smartie  is a 20 year old, 9hh gelding sheltand. As an old boy, Smartie prefers to keep to himself. He takes a while to warm up to you and trust you. But when this does happen he is good to lead.

Health Concerns Or Issues

Smartie is in good health.

Suitible Loanee / Home

Smartie is up to date with his vaccinations, dental and feet. He comes with his passport. Smartie would be suitiable as a companion pony for another horse. He would prefer somewhere nice and quiet to retire to.

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