Truffels Re-homed

We are very pleased to announced that Truffels has been re-homed. She came to us earlier in the year, she had lived with a family and thier pets dogs, but really she should be with other piggies as well.

Whilst at ours she was surrounds by her piggy friends but now it’s great to see her in a new home.

There are so many unwanted pigs and It breaks our heart to turn them away. People should go to rescue centres like Brinsley Animal Rescue for thier pets to not just receive unbiased, good advice, but also a successful rehome creates a sanctuary space for others.

In 2017 we have only rehomed Truffles, in the same time we have turned away 126 other requests to take in unwanted pigs. Sometime this is because the owners circumstances have changed, often it’s becuase they have gone to a breeder whose motives are to sell an animal for profit, so there is no motive to provide honest advice, only a driver to sell.

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