Rabbits in Need of a Life-Long Home

Every week without fail, we receive a call or an email asking us to take on more pets.

We have a non-destruct policy, we never destroy an animal unless it is in the animals best interest, due to ill health or injury. Therefore we can only take in more animals when we create space by re-homing.

But too often, people go to pets shops and breeders where they receive no or little advice, where the pets are not neutered, not vaccinated and often not even health checked. When people buy pets, they overlook the estimated 35,000 rabbits alone left in rescue centres without a permanent home.

In 2012 we unfortunately had to turn away ten times more rabbits than we re-homed. We have already turned away more rabbits this year, than we re-homed in the whole of 2012.

Please, never buy from pets shops and breeders, come to a rescue and offer a loving home to a previously neglected, unwanted, unloved companion.

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