Primrose and her Three Boys Finally get Rehomed

Over the past few days we have been busy rehoming 4 of our piggies. It isn’t often that good homes come forward for pigs so when a home came forward in Wales for 4 of them we had no hesitation in offering to take them. It was a long journey for them but we were reminded during our trip that many animals endure much longer journeys and are usually killed at the end of it. These 3 boys with Primrose their Mum have found the most amazing home with a lovely undercover pig ark, hardstanding and even lots of earth and grass to snuffle round in. They have waited so long for a home and churned up one of our enclosures beyond belief but they have all landed on their little trotters. Hope to see them all soon when we may be rehoming more to this lovely place!! Wink, wink.

Click Here to See video of Primrose

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