Pair of cats in Need of a New Home

Please see below an appeal from one of our volunteers who has rescued two cats, that urgently need a life-long loving home.

  • One male cat – 3-4 years old, neutered, deflead and wormed.  Friendly, likes fuss but not a lap cat.  Playful.
  • One female cat – 2-3 years old, neutered, deflead and wormed.  Was very nervous but has responded very well to socialisation and a stable environment.  Likes fuss (on her terms!), very playful.
  • From the same family and need to be re-homed together as they’ve really come to depend on each other.
  • Not good with dogs.
  • Litter trained.



Meet Millie and Trev, two very gorgeous (and very silly) cats desperately need a safe and loving permanent home.

Millie is a little long-haired British Blue cross breed girl and approximately 2 or 3 years old, she was very nervous when she first came to me but she’s coming on in leaps and bounds (sometimes quite literally, she absolutely loves playing with the laser pointer!) and she seeks out human company a lot of the time, she’s even purring when I stroke her, and she’s recently found out she really enjoys being groomed!  I’m sure that given more time and love she’ll become a very affectionate cat.

Trevor (the big British Blue boy) is approx. 3 or 4. He’s very friendly and affectionate, but not very clever – we joke that he’s got a 3 second delay! This, of course, is the source of endless amusement for us! He’s absolutely good as gold, he had to have treatment for a poorly eye when he first came to me and he would just sit there and let me do his eye-drops, and he ate his tablets like treats!

They have had a very tough life up until now, and they have come to rely on each other completely. As such they need to be re-homed together. The love they have for each other is obvious in the photos, and the way they constantly chatter to each other is so cute!

Ideally they will go to a home where they will be able to go outside as they are showing a lot of interest in the garden now, especially on sunny days! I was informed that they are not good with dogs, and having seen how nervous Millie can be I would agree that their new home will need to be dog-free.

They have both been neutered, combi-tested, deflead, and wormed but they will need to be vaccinated and microchipped (although I am currently trying to raise the money to get them vaccinated so this may have been done by the time you read this!). They are currently in Nottingham but I would be happy to travel any distance to get them to their new happy home.

Initially I only took them on a foster basis, however the lady that I was fostering them for has now withdrawn all support; financial as well as helping to find them a home, and due to disability I cannot cope with this task alone, nor can I afford them.  On top of this I live in rented accommodation, we’re not meant to have pets here and the landlord has recently found out about them, making the situation extra urgent!  I wish I didn’t have to part with them as it’s been so rewarding watching them learn to trust again…not to mention the hours of entertainment that they provide, but it simply isn’t possible for me to keep them and re-homing them is of the up most urgency.

If you think you can help or if you would like any further information please contact Alex on 0777 2244 704 or e-mail [email protected].




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