Buzzard Appeal

Can you please help us raise £1,000 for this beautiful buzzards treatment and recovery?

This buzzard arrived late Wednesday evening after being found grounded. She was very weak and thin and obviously had a wing injury. After a short examination, we left her to destress overnight with food.

Subsequently we have confirmed that she has a broken right wing, fortunately the break is relatively clean and not on a joint, this has been confirmed by X-Rays today.

The plan now is to feed her up and provide extra nutritional support over the next few days, to improve her chances of surviving the anesthetic. During which time the wing repair parts will be manufactured from surgical stainless steel.

We now need to raise £1,000 to fund her operation, post operative care and rehabilitation over the coming weeks.

We cannot say for certain that we will be successful, but we have high hopes and will not give up on this beautiful bird.

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