Gerrard and Walter in their New Home

Gerrard and Walter, now Ronnie and Reggie have left the sanctuary for their new permanent home thanks to Brinsley Animal Rescue.

These boys came to us about 6 years ago, they were un-castrated and therefore really boisterous. After a year or so and after being castrated, we fortunately re-homed them, sadly they were returned a couple of years later when circumstances changed with their home.

Its really satisfying for us seeing them go to a new and fantastic home, where they will be cared for, loved and will receive all the love and fuss that they deserve.

Sadly we have rehomed only 3 pigs so far this year, but have turned away 95 allready. Pigs make amazing pets, they are highly intelligent, clean, sociable and very entertaining.

If you’re interested in keeping pigs, please do your research and offer a home to rescued pigs.

Unlike irresponsible breeders, we always offer impartial advice and the pigs are castrated, we carry out health checks and complete home checks to be sure their new homes are suitable.DSC00571 DSC00560 DSC00564 DSC00569

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