A typical Busy Weekend at the Sanctuary

Another busy weekend but at least the sun finally came out and we all felt better for it (volunteers and animals alike). We had fundraising events going on, hand rearing, mucking out, appointments for animals, movement of pig arks (with tractor getting stuck), builders working over the weekend to try and get projects finished for us whilst the weather was okay, home checks and wildlife releases. Massive thanks to everyone for their help and kindness. Heres some quick snapshots

9 very frightened baby duckling came in.







Baby hedgehogs came in needing round the night feeding. Fortunately they are now sleeping 6 hours overnight! phew.


Builders are redoing the patio and pond area. Looking good lads!


Billy had a bit of quiet time after his insect repellent was applied. He has sweet itch so gets daily treatment.


Magic doing a bit of clicker training and showing how to ‘touch the target’!! She wasn’t actually supposed to be touching it at that point but good girl anyway for your learning!


Magic starting off another training session with ‘touch the target’! What a girl. She was a bit distracted today by the audience of ponies who wanted to get in.



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