We currently have 9 cows.

Boris the Blind Bull

When we heard about Boris, we just had to agree to take him on. Boris’s mother was ill with BVD, when she was pregnant, this caused Boris’s blindness. As he would be difficult to rear for the farmer, we agreed to take him on.

We have offered Boris a permanent, life long home.  As he was born blind, rather than became blind, he makes extra use of his other senses and, once he knows his surroundings can move about quite freely.

When he came to us, he had only lived in a cow shed and so never smelt the sweet smell of spring grass. Over the first few weeks, we had to teach him how to eat it.

You would think that this would come natural to him, but no. Although he would happily eat grass picked for him, we had to teach him that grass was all around and all he had to do was bend down to find it!

Eventually he found the grass himself to eat, but as you can below, initially  he didn’t quite learnt how to reach down with his head, without the need to knee!

It was quite a sight seeing him bend down and eat all the grass in front of him. The field ended up with long grass with loads of bold circles where Boris has been kneeling.

Eventually Boris got the hand of it, he could eat all of the grass without kneeling down.

Boris when he first came to us, learning how to eat grass

This is Boris 6 months after we rescued him Now his coat is healthy and very clean and shinny.



One of the pit falls of having a blind bull, when he can smell food there ain’t much stopping him from getting to it! fortunately the rabbit were fine, the hutch saw another day but the run did not.



Boris just chilling out in the sun