We currently have 7 cattle, 2 bulls and 5 cows looking for life-long homes as pets.

Not many people are able to offer a life-long commitment to keeping cattle as a pet, although they are friendly and curious creatures with lots of character, they are large and needs lots of space, shelter, regular veterinary care and specialist equipment.

If you are considering offering a home, please get in touch with us. Points you need to consider at minimum are;

Land – Cows require lots of grass, they are constant feeders. When the grass is too short when eaten or during the months when the grass does not grow, it will need to be supplemented with hay.

Herd – Cattle are herd animals, they must never been on thier, they need to live with others of their own species so two minimum.

Vets – They require regular veterinary treatment for worming, general health checks and bTB testing which is mandatory.

Equipment – Vets will not work on unrestrained cattle, they have to be safely contained in suitable area such as a cattle crush, this is required for any treatment and especially the bTB mandatory testing. Also consider how you will move large bales of hay / straw and equipment.

Housing – You will need areas where the cows can get out of the elements, if there isn’t sufficient tree shelter they will need shelter.

During autumn / winter when the ground gets wet and muddy, most land types are not suitable for such large animals as they cause a lot of land damage and so a cattle shed of often needed to house them over winter.