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Injured Hedgehog

Hedgehogs suffer some horrific garden injuries, many are too severe to survive. This young boy was lucky that he was found and came to us in time. His wound was deep and infected, he was in pain, very cold and dehydrated, all the signs of a garden incident from a strimmer or mower.The priority in this case was to get his body temperature up, wildlife will die very quickly when cold, thirst, hunger and infection are a lower priority and treated once he had been warmed up. After some time on a heat pad, we could administer pain relief, electrolytes and fluids, then we could tackle the deep wound. His wound was cleaned with sterile water and then stitched up. Once warm and feeling better on pain relief, this chap was soon tucking into puppy mouse, such a relief for us after so much effort to save this man. A few days on, he is still with us, by no means out of the woods yet but he is eating and making steady progress.

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