Meet Tinker & Laddie!


Laddie, the blue and white, and Tinker, the brown and white, are the two newest additions to our herd of 18 ponies. These boys were in need of a new home due to the rescue they were currently being house in was unfortunately having to close down.

Laddie and Tinker are two 3 year old colts and have never been handled. In fact when they were brought in by the trailer we were told to watch out for Tinker. As he has an amazing ability to jump over fences twice his height with no run up at all!

We will work closely with Laddie and Tinker to help them get used to humans and teach them the manners and skills they will need to find a new forever home. By using positive reinforcement techniques such as clicker training, the lads so far have really took a shining to it, picking up on the concepts really quickly! If you would like to know more about their training please follow us on Facebook.

Unfortunately we will need to get both boys castrated for the safety of our mares on site as well as the prevent any future breeding and improve their focus. We have been told that one of the boys will have to undergo a complicated geld which can cost over £1,ooo. We would be ever so grateful for any donations to put towards the housing costs and of course the vetting costs of both Laddie and Tinker.

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