Injured Canadian Goose

We are often unable to respond to calls regarding injured wildlife as we don’t have enough volunteers to perform the rescue or have space to accommodate, we do however always try our very best.

We took many calls about a Canadian Goose that was not in great shape and being badly bullied, we could not initially respond but was kept updated by members of the public before we eventually had time and space to go and look for the chap. On examination he had an old beak injury and was riddled with lice and he was quite weak. We hoped that after treatment for lice, internal parasites and after plenty of food he’d be up and about, but this was not to be. It became apparent that there was something more fundamentally wrong with this chap so we took him to the vets for a full examination which resulted in x-rays.

This poor goose was riddled with gunshot pellets, we could do no more for him other than to ensure he does not suffer. These kinds of acts infuriate us, our volunteers work tirelessly to rescue and treat, raising thousands of pounds to do the great work we do to save animals and reduce suffering whilst others leave them to suffer for moments of self gratification.

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