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Wildlife Rescue

The cold Spring really seems to have affected wildlife. Normally we are in-undated with orphaned birds and mammals from May onwards, this year though Spring has come very late.

We are now, almost into July, receiving the glut of baby birds, hedgehogs and foxes. this little guy is a Dunnock, happily receiving his meal.

If you ever see a baby animal, do not automatically interfere, consider the situation and decide if the animal actually needs help, all too often we are brought fledglings that should have been left with their parents, leaving us no time to take on more needy cases.

We are now full to capacity and rearing animals round the clock.  Some animals have been moved into foster homes where they will be hand reared and prepared for release. Some animals have already been released back into the wild where they belong.  We can only take in more when the animals become less dependable and can be moved into outdoor cages or aviaries, ready for release.

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