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Chloe and Kenny go to their New Home

It’s been another crazy busy week. Fortunately we have quite a few animals going to new homes including 4 cats, 2 sheep, 5 rabbits and 2 pigs. The other 2 big personalities that have found a home are Kenny and Chloe (Sunday best names: Sir Kenneth and Miss Clover!) As they are rehomed in the village we decided to walk them to their new home. A 20 minute walk took aver an hour as they wanted to go at ‘donkey pace’ and admire the surroundings and munch on hedgerow and thistles. They eventually got to their fabulous new home and we are sure that they are so local we will still be able to hear them bray! Happy endings for these 2 and all the other rehomes this week. Big thanks to our cat fosterers, home checkers and volunteers as ever for making this all possible. X

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