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Sunday 19 June – Sponsored walk – Hospital Appeal

10 Apr 2011

Help raise funds for the Animal Hospital Join the sponsored walk. Sunday 19th June Starting 10.00am Download and print the¬†sponsorship form to collect your sponsors.   The walk will begin at Brinsley Animal Rescue. The scenic route covers the local area including Brinsley and Jacksdale. It will take approximately 2 – 3 hours depending on […]

Dartmoor Ponies Rescued in the nick of time!

19 Mar 2011

Today we rescued 3 Dartmoor Ponies that were due to be shot this morning for pet food! Once more we find this sad situation. Yet again many young Dartmoor Ponies are facing slaughter as the unwanted ponies become animal feed. A century ago 30,000 of these ponies roamed the moors, now just 1,500 remain. ¬†They […]

Sponsored bike ride [updated]

06 Nov 2010

Updated 6 Nov 2010: We completed the sponsored bike ride in the planned time of 17 days. Fortunately we didn’t have any punctures or any other mechanical problems along the way. Ian’s navigating was surprisingly ok and he only got us lost a couple of times. The weather was pretty good with only a couple […]

Dartmoor ponies on BBC East Midlands Today

01 Sep 2010

The Archers calming wild ponies in Nottingham:

Pony Progress

09 Aug 2010

Its pleasing that the Dartmoor ponies are progressing well. Although still a little jumpy, they now go for a walk on a lead rope.

Dartmoor Ponies: update

13 Jul 2010

The ponies have been at Brinsley for five weeks now. We are very pleased with the way they have settled and responded.

4 Kittens Rescued (updated)

29 Jun 2010

Update: 11 August 3 of the kittens have now been rehomed. The male tabby is currently with a foster family. Update: 13 July The kittens have become very friendly. We have one home for the bouncy black one, ‘Dobby-James’, he joins his new family soon. Anyone who thinks they could find the time to care […]

Rescued Animals

10 Sep 2009

This category contains animals that we currently have in the sanctuary. These have been rescued by ourselves or members of the public. When they have recovered we release them when possible.