Author Archive relaunch

10 Sep 2009

The site has been down the last couple of days due to hosting problems, so we have taken this opportunity to release the new theme.

Brinsley Carnival

15 Jun 2008

The¬†Brinsley Carnival is held every year, it was a great opportunity for us to meet our new community, having moved into the area only a year ago. As well as meeting many people, we managed to raise some much needed funds. We were though very disappointed to find that goldfish were being given away in […]

2 New Arrivals

31 May 2008

Meet Gerrard and Walter. Today we had two pot-bellied pigs rescued from a pub. These two boisterous lads were exhibits at a pub in Ruddington, however when the pub was sold, the new land lord didn’t want these two, so now we have them and are looking for¬†their next home. Can you offer them the […]