Two Lovely Ladies Looking For “Furever” Home ** Now Rehomed!**

Meet Elsa & Michelle – Who have been looking for a home since October!

**UPDATE – These girls have been reserved to a lovely home!**

Elsa & Michelle are two 1 year old, English Spot cross Does. They arrived at the centre on the 22nd October 2016 due to their previous owner couldn’t bond them to her current rabbits.

Elsa  & Michelle are two wonderful rabbits, it does take them a while to get used to you but when you earn their trust they make a very comical bunch indeed! They love to lounge in their beds or to sit and watch the time go by on their log. They are very keen on their food and love to nibble on their toys. However, they are diggers  and are currently under house arrest on the patio! Both are not very keen on being picked up and prefere to interact with you from the ground.

How do we know who is which? Elsa has a little split in her ear from a previous fight. Both rabbits have been spayed and are currently up to date with their vaccinations. They are looking for a home together and would suit a someone looking to start out with rabbits.

Can you offer these girls a “furever” home?

How Do I Adopt?

If you think you can offer Elsa and Michelle a home then please contact us to arrange an appointment to view them. You can contact us by:

Phone: 01773 712 999

Email: [email protected]

Or find us on facebook 🙂

Will will need to see photographic evidence of your set up so that the rabbit’s welfare is in good standing. What we look for in an outdoor hutch is. A Hutch that is 6ft x 2ft x 2ft with access to a run of around 6ft squared. This measurement is recommend by the RWAF. Which states that the rabbit must be able to stand up fully and be able to hop at least three times across in its enviroment. We also check if the housing is fox and weatherproof and that you’ll be able to provide for the animal.

We do conduct a house check before rehoming rabbits.

Can I reserve rabbits?

Yes, but only after a viewing. We can only reserve rabbits for up to a week, otherwise the next person of interest gets priority.

How much is it to adopt?

We ask for a minimal donation of £75 for both Elsa and Michelle. This is to help the charity cover the costs of neutering, vaccinations and housing costs.

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