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Barn Owl Released

A few weeks ago we were brought a barn owl chick that had been found on the ground, he was still covered in down, in fact he resembled a pompom! He was far too young to be out of the nest, he wouldn’t have survived more than a few hours.

Fortunately other than being separated from his parents, all else seemed well. Over the past few weeks we have been hand-rearing him, initially we had to force feed, he was expecting food from his parents, not us!

A week later he’d got the hang of it, readily taking the food off us, a couple of weeks later he was eating himself. Once he had lost most of his down, he was ready to go to the big outdoors and was moved to our large aviary, where he could become waterproof and practice flying.

He’s now been released.

To rear a bird like this costs the charity over £100, he is one of three owls we have had this spring, one of many birds we currently care for, we cannot save these lives without the kindness of you, the public funding the charity. Please consider making a donation to help us to continue. We rescue hundreds of animals, but everyday sadly we turn some away due to a lack of resources.




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