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Holly the Fairy Tail Story

Holly’s story is truly a fairy tail ending, she is such a lucky girl.

Last Christmas Eve a member of the public found Holly on the roadside, she had escaped from a factory farm. They called the farmer who just told them to throw her into the hedge bottom!. Thankfully they didn’t, the little angel was brought to us.
Holly was barley a day old with her umbilical cord still attached, she was very cold, weak and dehydrated, we feared the worse for this tiny baby, no larger than a guinea pig.
We kept her warm in an incubator, gave her subcutaneous fluids and soon she fed from a bottle. Over the coming days we fed her every few hours through the night. Slowly she got stronger and soon pulled through and became a real character. Holly was soon coming into he house, she would steal the dogs bed and drag it in front of our range cooker and lye in the warmth! She ran around and followed Beth everywhere.
Soon she had grown too large and it was time to be moved into a pig pen with other pigs, she wasn’t happy at first, she was a little Princess, who was use to coming in the house, running around on open days and getting in everyone way! She soon got use to being in the field and loved rooting around in the mud, as pigs do.
Last week we re-homed Holly, she is the first commercial pig we have ever re-homed!. 
So Holly’s fairy tail life started by escaping the factory farm where she was destined to be slaughtered and be eaten. She escaped that horrific life with a cruel ending and came to the sanctuary, where she was allowed to become an intelligent, sociable, friendly creature that pigs are. She was then re-homed with Cyril her new boyfriend. Holly though didn’t just go to any new home, no that’s not good enough for Holly! 
Holly was re-homed to in a famous county estate where she has acres and acres of lush green grass, Highland Cattle as friends and even a stone house to live in and views of Yorkshire, such a lucky girls she is, a story Spielberg would turn into a Fairy Tail film!

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