A Massive Thank You!


A few weeks ago we put out an appeal for materials for our hay barn. A few massive thank yous are now due.

Nutbrook Aggregates ( http://www.nutbrookaggregates.co.uk/) have very kindly donated two 20 tonne loads of stone for the base.

If that wasn’t generous enough, Longcliffe (http://www.longcliffe.co.uk/) kindly collected and delivered one load free of charge and Trust Utility Management (http://www.trustutilitymanagement.co.uk/) kindly collected and delivered the second load free of charge.

Brinsley Animal Rescue would like to thank everyone involved in helping the Charity. It’s hard for us to negotiate a good discount, let alone have the materials donated free of charge, we are very grateful!

Thank you Nutbrook, Longcliffe and Utility Management, this brings us a step closer to building our hay barn and allows our shoestring budget to stretch further and help more animals in need.



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