Mum and Kittens

The mum & kittens we took in a few weeks ago are all doing great, Mum has been vaccinated, chipped, wormed and most importantly neutered to prevent more cats adding to the massive over population. Mum was found in a car park, she had given birth to her litter under a car, one kitten was already dead and sadly despite our best efforts, a second was too weak to survive. Mum cat was a great mother, despite being a young cat herself, less than two and this was her second litter!On admission we gave the kittens extra feeds to help them on their way and get them out of danger. All three, two boys a girl are all well, they are vaccinated, blood tested and micro-chipped and all in a new home all together. They too will all be neutered when old enough before they are allowed out.We only wished everyone took responsibility for their pets and at minimum, neuter them before they add to the overpopulation. Its not the people breeding and selling pets for profit that are picking up the pieces from these irresponsible selfish actions, its hard working volunteers at animal rescue likes ours.

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