This week is ‘Rabbit Week’

We always make sure that all of our rabbits go to homes where they will live with at least 1 other rabbit. Rabbits are not solitary animals and in the wild live in large groups.
We are very often asked to ‘bond’ 2 rabbits which we quite often do here. However, we think it is far better for people to bond rabbits themselves – it is far more rewarding and can then be done at your own pace. Very often scuffles break out but eventually 2 rabbits will snuggle up to one another and groom each other and be inseperable. We have heard of many instances where rabbit can die of broken hearts when their partners die.

We recently rehomed the beautiful ‘Puck’. She went to live with a buck called Pebbles (see photo). They had a fight initially but now look at them – what a couple. We are so pleased that these 2 rabbits are now living harmoniously. We love to hear stories of how our animals get on in their new homes and this little picture just made us melt. How many rabbits there must be out there living on their own, unloved at the bottom of someones garden. These 2 are the lucky ones.

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