Mum and 6 Piglets, Rescued from Hell

Last weekend we took a call from a cat and dog rescue charity that had taken a call about some pigs kept in appalling conditions. We were asked to see if we could take mum and 6 piglets in.

We did initially say no, as we are full. We already have 10 pigs and can only take on more, as and when we re-home to create space, unfortunately we have only re-homed one pig this year, but had to turn away over 80 since January.

The situation was so desperate with this young girl; we had to agree to help. Primrose and we now call her, was bought from a breeder and kept on a concrete patio, with no shelter, no bedding and was being fed only potato peelings.

She subsequently gave birth to 7 piglets. She was raising these on the concrete, with no shelter, she had to endure the heat of the sun, the cold and driving rain. Before they were rescued, one piglet had died. Primrose herself is very thin, and young, probably only 8 months old and must have been sold already pregnant.

The owner had no documentation for the pigs, a legal requirement, the breeder in Coventry not only sold a pregnant, young sow, but also let her go without any home checks or legal documentation.

Primrose is understandably very nervous and protective of her beautiful 6 babies. We will work with her, slowly gaining her trust. Her babies will be health checked, wormed and neutered. In a month or so we can start looking to re-home them. We always carryout home checks and offer advice, we do all the things breeders, driven my money do not.


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