Kitten Rescue

This was yesterday’s little emergency. As much as we get up every morning and have a plan in our head for the day it generally goes to pot because we have come to expect the unexpected and we have to spring into action. These kittens are blind and were found stumbling round aimlessly on an industrial estate. We dropped everything and got them to the vets even through we had just dropped off a shipping order of rabbits for neuters!!We are sincerely hoping that after lots of tests and the meds we have them on they may regain their sight. At the moment the cling to each other for company and have a ferocious appetite. Both of them had extremely swollen worm burden bellies and so we’ve sorted that out too. Whatever the outcome for these two little treasures they are going to be fostered by our fabulous wildlife rehabber Kate who is warming herself up for the ‘silly season’.

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