Rabbit Rescue

Meet 1 of today’s emergencies who we’ve called Jasmine. Yes, that is a broken leg but also a broken leg that has been left untreated and has set in the worst possible way. Not only that but Jasmine was also dumped at the side of the road. It’s unbelievable the sheer amount of cruelty cases and abandonment we are now seeing. It’s distressing that this rabbit was left untreated in agony and then thrown out like a piece of unwanted rubbish. Fortunately Jasmine has been seen by our kind vet this morning and sadly the break has set in such a bad position. That we are unable to rebreak and set or pin it so Jasmine is going to have to undergo a costly and risky amputation. At the moment the leg is impeding her progress of getting around so we really have no other options. We are hoping that when Jasmine has had her leg removed she will be able to live a fulfilled life with other bunnies. All too often we see rabbit brought at pet shops for children who pick them up and drop them as soon as the rabbits self defense of kicking or biting occurs. We can only assume that Jasmine has sustained an injury like this from being dropped as the fracture was so severe. She’s a very lucky lady and fingers crossed she will be running around really soon.

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