200 Hens rescued from Slaughter

This week we have rescued a further 200 barn hens from a commercial farm.  These hens would have otherwise been killed for pet food or cheap pies.

Egg laying hens have a bleak life, as soon as they lay eggs around 16 weeks, they are confined into overcrowded cages, with little of their natural environment. They are so crowded and stressed, that they often self mutilate or attack each other.


At around 18 months old, they are replaced with younger hens to keep egg production high, the thanks they get for laying on average 214 eggs a year, is slaughter.

If you’re a cockerel, your life is even bleaker, at around 3 days once the chicks can be sexed, the males are gassed or minced alive, why, because
they don’t produce eggs.

We can’t rescue all of the hens, in fact only a tiny minority. But every life saved is important to us and the hen.

We are looking for life-long loving homes for these beautiful girls. If you can offer a home to two or more hens, please see our website.


Chickens make great pets and its especially rewarding know that these girls are very lucky and very special.

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