Sponsorship Packs – Make Great Christmas Presents

Why not buy a sponsorship pack as a present? In doing so you’re helping us raise vital funds to care for our animals such as vet bills, bedding and food.

The sponsorship packs are £20 each ( including postage and packaging), you’ll receive a certificate of sponsorship, a keyring with photo insert, a larger photo, a profile of the animal and updates.

Animals available to sponsor are:

Mable1 Mable the Pig

Mable was rescued from slaughter 4 years ago. She now lives a life of riley with her friend, Wendy, another rescued sow. Your sponsorship helps us to look after Mable as well as the other 7 pigs resident.

SONY DSC Boris the Blind Bull

Born blind, Boris is a gentle, loving bull who just wants to be cuddled all day long! He is the local celebrity – even having his own brew named after him! Your sponsorship helps us to look after Boris as well as the other cows we have at the centre.



Jeff the Sheep

This cheeky chappie here is Jeff. Hand reared by a farmer, Jeff decided he was better off as a “human” and wouldn’t integrate with the rest of the flock – lucky really as this saved his life. Now living here at Brinsley he is loved and adored by all the local school children. Your sponsorship helps us to save many more sheep as well as treat Jeff like the prince he is.

hedgehog week A Hedgehog

Over the year we have many injured, abandoned and ill hedgehogs. Your sponsorship helps to look after this wonderful endangered species.



Charlotte our Welsh Pony

Charlotte was a livery pony however since was given up due to old age and extra costs. She now lives at Brinsley with her best friend Coco and 5 other ponies. Your sponsorship allows for extra hugs and cuddles for our old lady.




A rescued factory farmed chicken

Every year barn and battery sheds are cleared out for younger hens. Here at brinsley, our aim is to try and find as many homes for these wonderful ladies as possible. Your sponsorship makes this happen.



Sammy a rescued pet rabbit

Sammy was given up due to dental problems. These can get very expensive as well as being life threatening if not kept under control. Now 10 years old, Sammy lives with her 3 other friends in a large hutch causing mischief. Your sponsorship helps us to give the care she deserves as well as tackle the nation’s rabbit overload.


Examples Of Our Sponsorship Packs:


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Please click on an animal above, once we have received payment we will contact you. We can send the sponsorship pack directly to you, or if you prefer, to another person.


Please note that should the sponsored animal unfortunately pass away in the year of sponsorship, the sponsor will be informed and an alternative animal to sponsor will be offered. We will send you a new certificate and photo free of charge. No money can be refunded.

Thank you.

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