Rescued Piglet

This newly born piglet was found abandoned and defenceless; she would not have survived more than a few more hours without her mother. The people who found her contacted a nearby farm where she no doubt came from, they were told to “throw it in the ditch”, luckily they cared, they kept her warm and brought her to us.

Although we are full and turning away pigs almost daily, we just could not turn away a desperate situation like hers? Should would not have stood a chance, now she stands every chance.

When she was found she was warmed up, this probably saved her life. When she arrived at the sanctuary, she was very weak and extremely dehydrated. Fortunately after a bit of encouragement she readily took some milk and we are in the process of re-hydrating her.

She needs feeding every 4 hours, so running the rescue and going off to work full-time is going to be tough as usual. She is by no means out of the woods, but she is warm, being fed and cared for.


Piglet1 Piglet2

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