Rabbit Awareness Week 18th – 26th June

What Is RAW ( Rabbit Awareness Week) ?

RAW is the UK’s biggest campaign for rabbit welfare. With rabbits being the UK’s 4th most popular pet with around 0.8 million rabbits in households to day, it still holds the title as one of the most understood pets to date.

RAW is run by Burgess Pet Care, ( one of the biggest producers of small mammal foods) MSD Animal Health ( the producers of Panacur Rabbbit treatment), RSPCA, The Blue Cross, The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund ( RWAF) and Woodgreen rescue who will be focusing on all aspects of rabbit care and welfare.

From the 18th – 26th RAW will be running many events across the UK these include:

Free health clinics for local rabbits. During which your rabbit will get a chance to be checked over by a expert, which can prevent illnesses such as malocclusion where the teeth grow upwards into the tear ducts – a common dental illness in rabbits.

Educational Talks and discount offers from participating pet stores, food stores and rescues which cover the importance facts and figures,  as well as hints and tips on how to keep your rabbits healthy!

This year, RAW is focusing on the social needs of rabbits. Did you know that over 57% of rabbits live alone?- and not only that they are cooped in in a hutch! (PDSA) This is not the way to keep rabbits, in the wild rabbits live in warrens of up to 8 – 15 individuals and to keep them alone is not natural for them at all! Providing your rabbit a wifebun or a husbun helps to bring out their natural behaviours such as grooming, foraging and playing – yes even rabbits play hide and seek! It helps to reduce aggression from boredom and gives them the best kind of company as a human cannot provide all of a rabbit’s natural wants.  The best rabbit pair is a neutered female and male. At Brinsley we have many rabbit’s looking for a home with their furever husbun or wifebun. Please click here to adopt today! Why not post your rabbit couple to RAW’s twitter campaign –#BuddiesForBunnies

No other national pet campaign has raised the profile of rabbit welfare as much as RAW, and supported by more than 40,000 vets over its 10-year history and high-profile official partners: MSD Animal Health (the producers of Panacur Rabbit), RSPCA, PDSA, The Blue Cross, Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) and Wood Green The Animals – is it time you and your rabbit gnawed into RAW?

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