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Annabell make a full Recovery


A few weeks ago Annabelle was in our hospital living in a harness with a double leg fracture. A few weeks on and lots of perseverance and Annabelle decided she was going to walk unaided for Christmas.

Farm animal are selectively bred by man to produce ever cheaper food, this is at the detriment to animal welfare. Chickens naturally should lay around 20 eggs a year, in a factory farm they will lay well over 300.

This massive overproduction has a significant impact on their bodies and their health. The mineral stripping to produce almost an egg a day, leaves their bones weak and bodies tied. Many end up with osteoporosis, leading to broken wings and legs.

We allow them all the natural behaviors they sadly miss in the factory farms, they get natural light and therefore sleep and rest, they get fresh vegetables, fresh air and space.

Annabell has fully recovered and in her new home.



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