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Swan Rescue

Two weeks ago we collected a female swan from a nearby lake, she was very weak and kept collapsing.

We examined her, she was thin but there was nothing obvious. So off to our local vets she went for an X-Ray. in the past we have had very poorly swans in, that have swallowed fisherman’s tackle including line, hocks and weights, so an X-ray would show this, if it was the cause.

The X-ray showed no signs of fishing tackle or any other reason why she was so week. So we have put her on a course of antibiotics.

The good news is that, a week into her treatment she has shown signs of improvement, so much so that she has had a spell on our lawn and even a dip in the pond.

We have a long way to go, she is a wild animal and she has to be able to survive on her own, but so far at least she has improved. Fingers crossed!

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