Project Barn – We Receive a £5,000 Donation

One of our largest bills used to be hay, which is why we now produce our own on one of the fields donated to the charity. However, as we don’t have anywhere to store it, we have to wrap the hay to save it from the elements.

The wrapping not only increases our costs, but there is also a percentage of waste as moisture gets into the plastic and spoils the hay.

We have decided to build a barn, this will allow us to have smaller bales which are easier to handle, in addition the barn will eventually pay for itself, by saving us the wrapping costs and wastage.

We can now confirm that, GWA Suppliers, a company that supplies the wind industry with spare parts and consumables, has kindly donated a massive £5,000.

GWA Supplies  has chosen us to be their nominated charity, the company has agreed to donate a percentage of their profit to us every year. This is amazing, being a small charity £5,000 goes a very log way and we would like to thank them.

Normally a barn would cost in the region of £20,000, however we have a number of volunteers keen to design and build the barn with some suppliers possibly providing the materials at a discounted rate.

If you can donate to the Barn Fund, please click on this link, we will be very appreciative.

CLICK HERE to donate




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