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Three Goats Homed

12 Sep 2021

This weekend we rehomed our three pygmy goats, two girls and a lucky boy. Rehoming from rescues creates space to rescue more, in fact we have two ready to collect next weekend.

Happy Birthday Boris – 10 Today

05 Jul 2018

Boris is a very luck boy, he has today reached the grand age of 10, not particularly naturally old for a cow, however very few cows get to reach 2 years let alone 10. Boris was born blind, his birth deformity was caused by his mother having BVD, ultimately though his blindness has saved his […]

Ponies Looking For Homes

21 Jul 2017

Seeking New Homes! After working hard with these individuals, teaching them the basics of pony life such as putting a halter on, leading and picking up feet. We have now decided that they have graduated and to let them find new life long homes. How To Adopt If you think you can offer one of […]

Ducks Looking For Loving Homes

21 Jul 2017

  Why not consider adding a duck or two to your flock? With the idea of backyard chickens flying off, many people forget how fantastic ducks can be too. With stronger immune systems, ducks are a lot hardier then chickens and make fantastic pets to those new on the scene. Ducks are easy to contain […]

Pigs Seeking Homes

02 Jun 2017

Can You Offer A Home for Our Pigs? The pig situation in the UK is still awful. Last year we had to turn away a 108 pigs – that’s right 108! We have very limited resources at the sanctuary for pigs and we try our best to take on or give advice to those that […]