Goats in need of a Loving home

Can You Offer A Loving Home For Our Goats?

We have two pairs of beautiful goats that are looking for lifelong homes.

Goats make great pets, they are very friendly and often love human attention. They need lots of space, a shelter to get away from the wind and rain and you need fencing at least 4.5 feet high.

You can finds our more about keeping goats on our website


How To Adopt

If you think you are suitible to take on a pair then please contact using the details below. We are not open to the general public and you will need to make an appointment to view our goats.

Phone: 01773 712 999

Email: [email protected]


A minimal adoption fee of £60 per goat is required to help the charity towards the costs of keeping. Photographic evidence of your set up will be preferable on viewing and a house check may be carried out.

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