New Arrivals – Barry & Brian The Pygmy Goats


Meet Barry & Brian

Barry & Brian’s case is far too frequent, an uneducated owner who buys from a breeder.

At only 18 months old, these two goats are unwanted simply because they are getting too big! When bought, the breeder reassured the owner that they would not grow any larger than they were as kids. But it’s a simple fact that any young animal is bound to grow! This is seen sooo often with the craze of ” micro” pigs, when breeders sell tiny piglets as a “dwarf breed”, reassuring owners that they wouldn’t grow as big as a Labrador. But in fact they grew, and grew and grew into a 100kg pig!

Please, as buyers do your research before considering purchasing an animal. Make sure you know the housing, dietary and  veterinary needs. Many animals are brought to us because breeders have mis-sold them information. As a responsible owner it is your responsibility to research outside of the breeder and weigh up the pros and cons of ownership. Make sure you know how much it is going to cost you overall and of course research how long the animal will live for.  It surprises people that rabbits and pigs live up to 10 years !

Why not consider rescuing an animal instead of funding a problem? We have many animals brought to us that have been purchased from breeders or pet shops. If these people took the time to rescue an animal then they would be giving a needy animal a home, they would be educated properly & have support throughout their ownership and they would be freeing up space to help another animal.

Barry and Brian are currently looking for a forever home together. If you think you can offer them a home then please click here for more information.

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