Henny is laying and walking again

When Henny came in with 150 other rescue hens, we quickly saw that she was having trouble walking and scratching around. Poor girl must have been in so much pain as she had a broken femur. With the aid of an old towel, a dog harness, some old garden canes and pain killers we managed to splint her up and suspend her so she wouldn’t put pressure on the broken leg. This distressed her immensely so we had to rethink things a lot. When the bone began to knit together we would bandage her at night and let her stand during the day. Mike and Sue from down the road suggested Symphytum homeopathic remedy – well we’ll try anything when venturing into the unknown. Through all the perseverence we are so pleased with Hennys recovery. She has been outside sunbathing all week and when I turned my back to talk to some rabbit adopters she trotted off up the drive. Yesterday she laid her first egg and when I opened her pen this morning she flapped her wings and perched on the nearest thing she could find. Little show off.

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