Little Freddie Rescued

Meet sweet little Freddie.

The Charity rescued little Freddie an Aberdeen Angus three weeks ago. Freddie is almost a year old now, he should be much larger than he is, however he has some deformity from birth, but this special boy is very, very lucky.

No longer destined for someones plate, he’ll now live his life with our other rescued cows at Brinsley Animal Rescue, unless that is we find him a life-long home with other cows.

Freddie has such character, as do all cows. He has a good pair of lungs on him and out moos Boris Bull who is 10 times his weight! Freddie moos in the morning when he gets a treat.

Freddie has a deformed nose and mouth and one of his legs. To us he is perfect in every way, we all love him so much and our volunteers have become very fond of him in such a short time.

Freddie follows Boris Bull everywhere, sleeping in his stable at night and eating with him by day. As Boris towers over him, little Freddie gets showed in hay as Boris eats above him! So Freddie often has a blanket of hay covering his head.

If you feel that you could make a donation to help pay for Freddie’s upkeep at the sanctuary, please click on the secure payment link below. You can make a one-off payment or regular donations.

We are a Registered Charity and rely solely on the generosity of people like you, so we can rescue little fellas like Freddie.

Thank you



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