Make Mine Chocolate!

We support the Make Mine Chocolate campaign. Each year thousands of rabbits end up in homes where they are neglected and not looked after in the manner they deserve. The Make Mine Chocolate campaign urges parents to buy their children chocolate instead of a pet particularly at Easter and particularly a rabbit.  Most people that go out and buy their children a rabbit have no idea of the true cost and needs of the rabbit.


Rabbits need neutering, vaccinating, regular health and dental checks and need rabbit company too.  We have so many rabbits coming in at the moment because of the current economic climate. mmc Only this week we have had a rabbit that came in with the most horrific injuries.  This rabbit needed urgent veterinary attention that it was not given by his previous owners because they could not afford it.  He may not survive his ordeal but we have already spent hundreds of pounds on this beautiful and affectionate bunny.

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