Fundraising at Brinsley Christmas Market

xmas-fare1Today we had a stall at Brinsley Christmas Market.  With the help of Bric a Brac (kindly donated by Angela), 2 keen volunteers and a display board we managed to raise just over £80.  Thanks to eveyone who bought things from us and put money into our collection tin and special thanks to Angela.  This money will go directly into paying our ever growing vets bills.

£80 could pay for:

2 male rabbits to be neutered.
or Quarter of a tonne of pig food.
or 7 sacks of rabbit food.
or 31 sacks of carrots.
or 8 myxomitosis vaccinations.�
or 160 tubs of hedgehog food.
or 4 heat pads for sick and injured wildlife.

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