Fox Rescue

We have been to two fox rescues this week in Sandiacre and Wollaton, sadly we could not save the lives of either fox, both we believe were victims of road traffic accidents.

On Sunday we took a call about a fox lying close to a busy road breathing heavily, we tried our best but sadly he passed away within minutes of our arrival. Yesterday seemed like déjà vu with a call about another fox in a similar state. We managed to get this female to the vets for an examination and x-rays under aesthetic. Unfortunately she had unrecoverable spinal injuries. Whilst under she was euthanised, the kindest last act we could do for her. At least she is now at peace and although cubing season is around the corner, there were no signs of her being a mother.

Wildlife animal rescue is often an emotional roller-coaster, we have the highs of releasing animals that have arrived as motherless babies or arrived injured, but we also have to prepare for the lows, ending animals lives to prevent suffering.

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